The Clinic of the Future with Donna Bergman

The Medical Management Podcast

The Clinic of the Future with Donna Bergman

June 15, 2021

The Clinic of the Future with Donna Bergman

Healthcare should be easy for everyone to understand, but more often than not, it is complicated for patients and families to navigate. Today’s guest, Donna Bergman, is a great example of someone ‘who has a chip on her shoulder’ on how things are done and has come up with ways to make changes. Director of Population Health for St. Luke’s Health System; Donna shares some of her challenges and frustrations in the health care system and what she is doing to improve patient outcomes. She paints a picture of the change she hopes to see and talks about a team-based patient-focused model that can deliver care while also caring for doctors and other providers. Change is never easy, but with the new model Donna is talking about, it might be just what we need to elevate patient outcomes and reduce physician burnout.

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