Real World Application of SEO with Jesse and Jay

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Real World Application of SEO with Jesse and Jay

January 28, 2021

Real World Application of SEO with Jesse and Jay

The word-of-mouth era is ending, it’s time to move onto SEO. Establishing and implementing a marketing strategy on your healthcare business can boost your online results and help you get new patients. Working by the hand of a search engine optimization tool (SEO) on your website can open a door to success.

This episode is featured by Jesse Arnoldson and Co-host, Jay Holmes. Together they go deep down on what SEO is, how their campaigns and strategies are built, and how to take advantage of it with the help of Jay’s experience in this business. Additionally, they explain how they used this marketing tool in a pediatrics clinic and what are the most important aspects of SEO.

Jay dived into the essentials of Search Engine Optimization: content and keywords. When you plan and create content that is both relevant and trustworthy you already one step ahead of the game.  He also shares how important keywords are, and the halo effect they have on websites.

Tune in to get more details on how SEO can boost your business!

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