HR – Hiring Best Practices with Molly Ramsay

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HR – Hiring Best Practices with Molly Ramsay

January 5, 2021

HR – Hiring Best Practices with Molly Ramsay

Hiring processes can be long and extenuating and sometimes you are not even sure you have hired the right candidate. In this episode, we will go through a Q&A process with Jesse and Molly Ramsay, the Corporate Operations Director at MedMan who will be sharing with us some tips on their hiring processes.

Molly and Jesse will share with us the aspects they believe are important when trying to assess a candidate. They will tell us how interviewing is really important and how to find the right qualities, values, characteristics, and skills your company needs to get the right person in the job.

They will also let us know how the process is made and some red flags and challenges that can come in the way such as making sure the person is both culturally fit and has the experience, and technical skills needed.

This is sure a great episode with lots of pointers on the H.R. process and getting the correct assessment so please make sure you tune in!

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