Being Your Best Self in a Planning Session

The Medical Management Podcast

Being Your Best Self in a Planning Session

September 30, 2021

Being Your Best Self in a Planning Session

How can we be the most effective and successful in our out-of-clinic planning sessions? 

This is this week’s topic and hosts Jesse and Jay are ready to give you the best advice ever! Jay starts saying that the best planning sessions have planning processes in place. Setting aside time for you to plan your sessions is extremely important to not dwell on the long list of to-dos. Reflection is also a great space to let things digest. Knowing yourself is truly important to always be on top of your game for the meetings. These sessions need the team’s full openness and vulnerability, and once ended everyone must stay aligned.

Get to your planning sessions with these incredible pieces of advice!!

For the full transcript, show notes, and resources to help you level up your practice, visit us at

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