The Medical Management Podcast


November 4, 2021


Today’s episode is about accountability in tough situations. 

Holding someone accountable to the high standards the company has can be daunting and scary. There are several ways to do so without being arrogant, rude or disrespectful. A boss’s job is to be both compassionate and demanding with their teams. Jesse shares what he thinks are red flags for a leader in this topic. He also gives his thoughts towards what we should do in the future. Accountability comes down to three things: be consistent, step up when you need to, and take a human approach. 

Accountability needs us to be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.

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What are the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease? Despite significant breakthroughs in medical knowledge, Alzheimer’s disease is still shrouded in stigma and misconception. In this episode, we hear personal stories of what living with Alzheimer’s is like.