#WorldStrokeDay Patient Empowerment Edition

Know Stroke Podcast

#WorldStrokeDay Patient Empowerment Edition

October 25, 2021

#WorldStrokeDay Patient Empowerment Edition

Know Stroke Podcast S2E4
Our brains are incredible organs that center our thoughts, record our experiences and emotions, control our behaviors and provide the processing power that enable us to move our bodies. With the upcoming #WorldStrokeDay (October 29th) this brief episode focused on patient focused events and resources that help our incredible brains stay healthy and repair by sharing lived experiences and knowledge to empower our brains and our souls to heal and recover after stroke.

On Episode 4 of season 2 of the Know Stroke Podcast we started the conversation with a little trust exercise where David asked Mike to open up the show “live and unscripted” before he revealed a special guest.  Besides being a great sport Mike shared his, of course, new and ever changing secret location for this podcast filming,  a personal story about his own stroke thriver (his mom) and her positive experience sharing her own survivor story for the first time.  Along with it he provided a resource for an upcoming patient event where you can meet other survivors and hear their inspirational stories and perspectives here:

UConn Health’s 3rd Annual Stroke Survivors Symposium (offered virtually October 28th 5-7pm EST)  Advanced registration recommended here:

Mike and David also provided a reminder and call to action to head over to their own mission driven patient resources, surveys, survivor stories,Next Step Forward Program and rehab technology interviews  at

Besides offering insights into the benefits of pet therapy David added one of his favorite free print resources, Brain and Life Magazine ( by the American Academy of Neurology.  To get your free home delivery, head online to to subscribe.

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