Interview with Stroke Survivor Caroline Goggin

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Interview with Stroke Survivor Caroline Goggin

May 5, 2021

Interview with Stroke Survivor Caroline Goggin

In Episode 2 David and Mike were joined by their first guest, stroke survivor Caroline Goggin. 

Caroline grew up outside Philadelphia and is a proud graduate of Penn State University.

Caroline is familiar with New England, having lived and worked in Providence as a weekday anchor and reporter for four years. David and Caroline first crossed paths when she shared a post on social media explaining a terrifying experience of surviving a stroke.

The opening line of her post read, Less than a month into our marriage, we really tested out the “in sickness and in health” part of our vows this week.⁣

Caroline gives credit to her husband, Travis, for saving her life. He recognized the symptoms and acted FAST! 

It has been a long road ever since, and we’re humbled that Caroline brought us through what those early days were like for her and Travis.

As of July 2020 the couple are proud Bostonians and you can catch Caroline reporting for 7News Boston. 
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