Interview with Katelyn Skeels Stroke Advanced Practice Nurse Tufts Medical Center

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Interview with Katelyn Skeels Stroke Advanced Practice Nurse Tufts Medical Center

December 11, 2021

Interview with Katelyn Skeels Stroke Advanced Practice Nurse Tufts Medical Center

In our last episode of Season 2 we welcome Kate Skeels, Stroke Advance Practice Nurse at Tufts Medical Center to the show. We picked the great discussion right up where we left off with her Tufts colleague Dr. Lester Leung from our previous episode. We learned what brought Kate from her western New York roots with her family to Boston and where she fell in love with the stroke patient population, met “baby” Lester and began growing the program at Tufts together “like 2 peas in a pod”. Curious?  Listen to Kate tell the whole story in her interview!
Including- How the addition of Kate to the Tuft’s Team provides dual leadership and drives better outcomes for patients while allowing for the shared  perspectives of Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Physician (MD) team model. This discussion through Kate’s NP lens was fascinating.  You’ll learn about different advanced level NP providers and how Kate’e training opens her role up as an advanced practitioner, and how NPs deliver care  similar to how quarterbacks plan, prepare and execute plays in the NFL!  Well,  this was Mike and I offering analysis of Kate’s role in our show intro after learning all she does every day!  In fact, we decided to give her the title of the Tom Brady of the Tufts Comprehensive Stroke Center (even though she still is a Buffalo Bills fan, sorry Patriots Nation!)

Carrying the team discussion into a deeper dive of the SAYA Program and Stroke Clinic with Kate we learned how they manage patients at their high risk stroke clinic, offer telehealth, group and in person visits to provide longitudinal stroke care support as “care is needed at different points in a season of stroke”. Love this! Also we learn how they go the extra mile at Tufts to manage and personalize care including how the team often has a “discharge time out”  (yes, another football reference, how fitting!) to stop, regroup and build a plan for the patient that offers help around the focus of attention needed when discharge weaknesses are discovered.  You’ll also learn about the great educational efforts Kate and her team are involved with through their Annual Tufts Stroke Symposium to share stroke education with other providers.  Finally, Kate’s magic wand answer, well let’s just say she scored a touchdown on this one with Mike and I !  Give it a listen as part of your own stroke game plan!

As always, “in the News” segment- Mike and I discussed the climbing rates of high blood pressure since the start of the pandemic and with it increased stroke risks.  Here’s that article link.You’ll also want to watch this interview on YouTube just to see where in the world my co-host Mike was when we recorded this episode!
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