Call to Action: Why a connected digital health marketplace is needed in stroke recovery

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Call to Action: Why a connected digital health marketplace is needed in stroke recovery

July 10, 2021

Call to Action: Why a connected digital health marketplace is needed in stroke recovery

In this episode David and Mike discuss recent real life experiences of one of the many friction points stroke survivors and caregivers experience – getting access to a reliable marketplace to purchase equipment for adaptive home management.  After all, feeling safe in your own home is an important goal in your daily life, especially after surviving a stroke.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying your bills, and yard work are some occupations that can become challenging after a stroke yet important milestones and goals to achieve for returning to independence.  Oftentimes, mobility aids and adaptive tools or remote monitoring equipment are needed to ensure safety and help optimize rehab outcomes. It starts with maybe a Google search, then if you’re lucky you might ask your occupational or physical therapist, but either way you’re left with a maze of choices and reviews from people in different situations than yours. 

Now what if you had a marketplace that brought all of these items together for you into one place, with reviews from folks just like you!? 

Dave and Mike dive into why this concept of a comprehensive stroke marketplace and community support was and remains one of their top “magic wand” answers they want to achieve for better support for life after stroke.  In this episode, they discuss what this might look like and why simple is the best strategy when looking at improving access to stroke rehab.

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1. Walking speed after stroke may help predict which patients will show greater post-rehab improvement in their ability to simultaneously walk and perform a second task

2. The iReadMore app 

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