43 – Matt Bardsley, MedicalDirector

Talking HealthTech

43 – Matt Bardsley, MedicalDirector

April 20, 2020

43 – Matt Bardsley, MedicalDirector

Matt Bardsley is the CEO of MedicalDirector, one of Australia’s leading practice management systems for healthcare practitioners.

In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic and the impact it has had on our global healthcare system, technology providers have been searching for ways to add more value to their existing products, create new offerings and enable practitioners to deliver patient care safely and effectively.

One of those technology providers in Australia is MedicalDirector.  Their fearless leader Matt Bardsley has been on the Talking HealthTech Podcast once before, and I recommend you also go and check out episode 15 back in August 2019 once you’ve listened to this one.  Click here to check that one out.  

Fast forward to today, Matt and the team have a lot of different things going on at MedicalDirector at the moment, but he made time to talk through how they’ve responded to the crisis at hand. 

Check this one out to learn how MedicalDirector is supporting clinics during COVID-19, the uptake of telemedicine, the broader technology and infrastructure requirements of performing healthcare at the moment, and the broader observation about how humanism is outpacing darwinism in these unprecedented times.  

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