42 – Dr Cortina McCurry, Caia

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42 – Dr Cortina McCurry, Caia

April 13, 2020

42 – Dr Cortina McCurry, Caia

Dr Cortina McCurry is the CEO and Co-Founder of Caia, a video and text consultation platform which securely connects women and families with vetted women’s health practitioners, treatments, and products to make it easy to navigate each stage of life. 

Cortina has a PhD in neuroscience from MIT, and more than 15years experience across healthcare, technology, and operations.

Cortina was a Partner at Boston Consulting Group, and traded it all in for the best job of all – founder of a healthtech start up in Australia. 

Check out this episode to learn all about Caia and how they are addressing an unmet need in women’s health, the role businesses can play in supporting the health and wellness of their employees during the transition to parenthood, why investing in women and families is good for business, and moving the needle on gender equality and how it is more than just flexible work and parental leave.  

Pete and Cortina also discuss the real challenges of being a Co-Founder and new parent, and strategies on how to win in both parts of life. 

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