398 – Celebrating the Brilliant Women in Digital Health in 2023 – Telstra Health

Talking HealthTech

398 – Celebrating the Brilliant Women in Digital Health in 2023 – Telstra Health

November 30, 2023

398 – Celebrating the Brilliant Women in Digital Health in 2023 – Telstra Health

In this episode of Talking HealthTech, host Peter Birch dives into the world of digital health innovation and recognition at the Telstra Health Brilliant Women in Digital Health Awards. He is joined by guests Sonika Tyagi, Arcot Sowmya, Frances Kay-Lambkin, and Kate Taylor, who share their experiences, insights, and challenges in the field. From the importance of collaboration and data analysis to the significance of purpose-driven work and the need for diversity in the tech industry, this episode highlights the incredible contributions made by women in digital health.

Key Takeaways:

👩‍⚕️ Developing healthtech solutions that seamlessly integrate into the workflow of users and require minimal additional effort is a major focus.

🤝 Collaboration, teamwork, and a shared purpose are critical to unlock the potential of digital technologies in healthcare.

🔍 Building trust and strong relationships with stakeholders is essential for creating evidence-based and trusted solutions.

💡 Understanding the needs of the person being helped and maintaining human connection are important in driving innovation.

🎓 Providing direction, opportunities, and motivation to students in the university context is crucial for fostering the next generation of digital health professionals.

🔮 Anticipating future demands and staying ahead of healthcare trends is essential for long-term success.

👏Recognising and celebrating the contributions of entire teams in research and development is just as important as individual recognition.

Check out the episode and full show notes on the Talking HealthTech website.

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