399 – Doing Less With More: Waste In Health Research & Why Recruitment Matters.  Anthony Murray, Opyl & Bio NSW

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399 – Doing Less With More: Waste In Health Research & Why Recruitment Matters. Anthony Murray, Opyl & Bio NSW

December 3, 2023

399 – Doing Less With More: Waste In Health Research & Why Recruitment Matters. Anthony Murray, Opyl & Bio NSW

In this episode of Talking HealthTech, Anthony Murray, Head of Growth at Opyl, joins host Peter Birch to discuss the revolution of health research and clinical trials through the use of digital-focused recruitment platform Opin, and AI-driven Analysis Portal, Trial Key. 

They delve into the current challenges and opportunities in health research, including the barriers to clinical trial participation, the importance of patient advocacy groups, and the role of technology in improving clinical trial recruitment and efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

Use of Digital Channels for Clinical Trial Recruitment: Using digital channels like social media, search engines, and online platforms for patient recruitment beyond the traditional methods.

Importance of Patient Advocacy Groups: The importance of patient advocacy groups in connecting individuals to health research and clinical trials, as well as supporting research advocacy.

Accessibility and Inclusivity in Health Research: The need to address the barriers of medical and digital literacy, language, accessibility, and diversity to ensure inclusivity in health research participation.

Co-Design and Collaboration: The significance of co-design and collaboration between researchers, sponsors, and participants to create meaningful and inclusive clinical trials that represent the diversity of the population.


[00:00] – Introduction 

[01:21] – Meet Anthony Murray

[02:24] The statistical risk behind health research and the traditional methods of finding volunteers for clinical trials.

[04:46] Advantages of messaging beyond patient lists and the role of technology in expanding referral networks for clinical trial participation.

[07:42] Importance of considering lived experience and the challenges related to medical and digital literacy in clinical trial communication.

[09:09] Trends in the number of clinical trials in Australia and the barriers to participation, including language, accessibility, and diversity.

[11:21] Launch of the world’s first registry with accessible language to facilitate clinical trial search and participation.

[13:17] Importance of co-design and diversity in clinical trials and the challenges of accessibility and inclusivity.

[:15:12] Collaboration with Bio New South Wales and the focus on commercialization and support for healthcare innovators.

[17:51] The role of Opyl in connecting to patient advocacy groups and building digital hubs for education on health research participation.

Access the full episode article on the Talking HealthTech website.

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