358 – Preventing seniors from falling through the cracks. Jim Moratis, VillageLocal

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358 – Preventing seniors from falling through the cracks. Jim Moratis, VillageLocal

June 22, 2023

358 – Preventing seniors from falling through the cracks. Jim Moratis, VillageLocal

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In this episode of Talking HealthTech, we speak with Jim Moratis, CEO of VillageLocal. We discuss the complexities of the aged care system, the essential role of technology in overcoming barriers to home care access, and how integrated systems and technological innovations are improving aged care.

Key Takeaways

Aged Care Perspective: Views on aged care vary among individuals, their families, and healthcare professionals, which emphasises the need to cater to diverse needs and aspirations.

Role of VillageLocal: VillageLocal is an online platform that aims to improve the quality of life for older adults. It bridges the service gap and promotes better understanding of the aged care system.

Outreach Focus: VillageLocal has specific initiatives to engage and support older adults at high risk, particularly those living alone with multiple chronic diseases, to help combat social isolation.

The Care Path Programme: VillageLocal’s Care Path programme guides individuals through their aged care journey, tackling common problems at each stage.

Community Engagement: VillageLocal recognises the importance of community engagement and connection in supporting the elderly.

Technology in Aged Care: AI and other technologies are used to provide tailored support and improved accessibility to resources and services.

Funding Aged Care: Funding is a key factor in overcoming challenges in the aged care sector. VillageLocal uses strategies such as aligning social impact with business goals to address this.

Join our conversation with Jim Moratis, CEO of VillageLocal, as we explore the aged care landscape and the role of technology in navigating its challenges. Find the episode and comprehensive show notes here.

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