359 – Beyond the Pitch: Discussions with healthtech innovators at Connect Virtual Care

Talking HealthTech

359 – Beyond the Pitch: Discussions with healthtech innovators at Connect Virtual Care

July 4, 2023

359 – Beyond the Pitch: Discussions with healthtech innovators at Connect Virtual Care

In this engaging episode, we’re thrilled to bring you insights from remarkable thought leaders who are reshaping the landscape of healthcare technology. Our guests are:

  • Sarah Dowell of Cyber Clinic, an online mental health clinic that offers individualised counselling leveraging cutting-edge tech.
  • Dr. Adrian Cohen, Founder of Headsafe, who is revolutionising concussion diagnosis and management with his groundbreaking Nurocheck technology.
  • Serge Lauriou from My Medic Watch, a company transforming how we monitor individuals with medical conditions through a smartwatch application.
  • Adam Hutchinson, the innovative founder of oVRcome, utilising smartphone technology and virtual reality to make mental health therapy more accessible.

Key Topics

Throughout the episode, our guests discuss their roles in the exciting and ever-evolving healthcare technology field, touching on several key topics:

  • The revolution in mental health care and the role technology plays in improving accessibility and effectiveness of treatments.
  • The transformative role of Nurocheck in concussion assessment and management, leading to objective and reliable diagnoses.
  • How My Medic Watch is empowering patient safety and assistance through smartwatch monitoring technology.
  • The impact of oVRcome’s use of VR and smartphone technology in making mental health therapy accessible to a broader population.

Links & Resources

Experience the excitement of the Pitchfest, where fearless startup founders and innovators present groundbreaking solutions to investors. This episode of Talking HealthTech provides a front-row seat to witness the innovations shaping the future of healthcare technology. Don’t miss out on these visionary ideas and the potential they hold for improving patient care and accessibility.

Join us on Talking HealthTech for the Connect Virtual Care event hosted by Informa Connect at the National Telehealth Conference. We’re exploring ground-breaking ideas and inspiring innovations in healthcare technology, and we can’t wait for you to join the conversation. 

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