29: Managing Pre-Shift Anxiety As a Nurse

Rapid Response RN

29: Managing Pre-Shift Anxiety As a Nurse

October 15, 2022

29: Managing Pre-Shift Anxiety As a Nurse

Nursing pre-shift anxiety is a thing!  Many of us stress ourselves out so much leading up to our shift that we don’t sleep or eat well or we feel overwhelmed by the thought of another 12 hour shift and we haven’t even stepped foot in the hospital yet.  But there is hope…

This episode does not have any hacks for erasing pre-shift anxiety… but rather how to face it.

Sarah discusses the 3 things that she has done to work through the  anxiety associated with being a Nurse.

So, if you find yourself dreading your shifts, losing sleep over worry about work, or overly consumed with what could happen, you might want to give this episode a listen.

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