30: Life Threatening Small Bowel Obstruction

Rapid Response RN

30: Life Threatening Small Bowel Obstruction

October 30, 2022

30: Life Threatening Small Bowel Obstruction

This patient was so backed up, his abdomen looked like he was 9 months pregnant!  It was so bad that he was tachycardic and hypotensive.  In this episode we talk about common post-surgical complications from constipation, to an ileus, to a small bowel obstruction.  We break down diagnostics, pharmacological interventions, and surgical options.

Ever given neostigmine?  Then you are gonna want to hear this episode.

Ever heard of Ogilvie’s syndrome… if you care for post-surgical patients this is another one you want to be familiar with.

Do you want to listen to an entire episode about poop… than you will love this episode!

It’s amazing how inability to poop can cause such severe and even life threatening complications!

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