28: Another Metabolic Acidosis With Christian Guzman APRN

Rapid Response RN

28: Another Metabolic Acidosis With Christian Guzman APRN

September 30, 2022

28: Another Metabolic Acidosis With Christian Guzman APRN

Do you want to grasp ABGs more?  Arterial Blood Gases are tricky! It’s one thing to memorize the normal ranges for each value, but an astute clinician is able to see the combination of abnormal values and determine what led to this derangement and what to do about it.

In this episode, guest Christian Guzman, Critical Care APRN shares an interesting case of…

SPOILER ALERT: Necrotizing Fasciitis

The patient’s presentation was concerning but not very clear what was going on initially.  But the Nurse’s intuition which led to an ABG helped guide the team towards a diagnosis, prompted Christian to upgrade the patient to the ICU, and ultimately led to the patient making a full recovery.

If you love nerding out with a deep dive into pathophysiology, then you will love this episode.

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