27: Time is Brain: The Why Behind the Hustle With Stroke

Rapid Response RN

27: Time is Brain: The Why Behind the Hustle With Stroke

September 20, 2022

27: Time is Brain: The Why Behind the Hustle With Stroke

This episode is jam packed with everything you need to know for your next stroke alert!

I was interviewed by Annie Fulton from the Up My Nursing Game Podcast and we got to talk about all things stroke from differentiating between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke to the life saving interventions of tPA, thrombectomy, ventriculostomies, and the pharmacological interventions for stroke.  We discuss the role of the Rapid Response Nurse and the bedside Nurse during a stroke alert. What to assess for first, what information the stroke team is going to need, what are the priorities, and why all the hustle to get to CT?!


If you want to be prepared, not only to recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke, but also anticipate what is next in this patient’s course of care from diagnostics to interventions and recovery, this episode is for you!


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