55: Fixing Healthcare, One Founder at a Time

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55: Fixing Healthcare, One Founder at a Time

This episode showcases three leaders that had adverse or lackluster healthcare experiences. In response, they each founded healthcare organizations to address the problem. This episode will leave you with an…
December 22, 2021

55: Fixing Healthcare, One Founder at a Time

Meet the guests:

This episode features three leaders previously interviewed on Her Story. Ivelyse Andino is the founder and CEO of Radical Health. Carolyn Witte is the co-founder and CEO of Tia. Solomé Tibebu is the founder and host of Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech, and Advisor for the Upswing Fund for Adolescent Mental Health.

Key Insights:

  • Radical Health. While working in biotech, Ivelyse saw that the forefront of innovation was not reaching patients in her community, including her mother. She created an organization to make healthcare easier to navigate. (1:16)
  • Tia. Carolyn’s had a diagnosis experience that was dehumanizing and frustrating experience. She knew there was a better, patient-centered way to deliver women’s healthcare. (3:37)
  • In high school, Solomé did not have access to the mental health resources she needed, and so created a website for teens like herself. (5:57)

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