54: No Blueprint to CEO

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54: No Blueprint to CEO

This episode showcases three female CEOs and their advice and thoughts on leadership. They reveal that there is no blueprint, checklist, or cookie-cutter to leadership. This episode features three leaders…
December 15, 2021

54: No Blueprint to CEO

Meet the Guests:

This episode features three leaders that have previously been interviewed on Her Story. It showcases Renee DeSilva, the CEO of The Health Management Academy; Kelsey Mellard the Founder and CEO of Sitka; and Jane Chao, Ph.D. co-founder and CEO of Ceribell.

Key Insights:

  • Unabashedly You. Renee DeSilva advises new CEOs to understand the business, think critically about your team, and be confident in your decisions, because that’s why you were picked for the role. (1:07)
  • Not the Leader People Expect. Kelsey Mellard explores how other people’s built-in biases about female leadership can have an impact. However, those perceptions shouldn’t define us. (2:53)
  • Different Leaders. Dr. Chao shares that leadership is a reflection of who we are. Women don’t have to follow a script or blueprint. Rather, they can utilize their unique strengths and develop their own leadership style. (4:29)

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