#65 Why are Both Doing and Being Essential to Achieving Your Goals?

Healthcare’s MissingLogic Podcast

#65 Why are Both Doing and Being Essential to Achieving Your Goals?

October 7, 2020

#65 Why are Both Doing and Being Essential to Achieving Your Goals?

In today’s episode we explore the states of Doing and Beingfrom 40,000 feet.   

The state of Doing is associated with accomplishment, competence, knowledge, skills, analysis, and performance.  

We think it’s safe to say (based on personal experience J) as a leader you’re probably achieved excellence in many of these characteristics of doing, or you wouldn’t be a leader! 

These are challenging times both at work and at home for many healthcare leaders.  Many of you are just trying to keep your head above water as you address massive and frequent changes.  And if you’re a high achiever, like most leaders, you highly value doing or action! 

 The problem is, you may not be aware that Being is equally as important as Doing and there’s an interdependent relationship between the two that directly impacts the outcomes you desire.  Doing and Being is one of the tensions in Pillar 2 -Managing Tensions of the Dynamic Balance Effect that we help healthcare leaders learn to manage and leverage over time. 

As Elkhart Tolle says, “Doing is never enough, if you neglect being”.  

In the episode we also discuss the relationship between Being, identity and goals.  We explore how and why your identity, as a way of Being, has a significant impact on goal achievement. 

We share some examples of how shifting our approach and prioritizing Being before Doing makes a significant difference in achieving goals. 

Leveraging Doing and Being is an essential competency for any healthcare leader who wants to make a difference.   

If you are one of those healthcare leaders who wants to make a difference we don’t have to tell you twice to listen to this episode!

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