#64 How to Make A Positive Difference in the World and Stop Making False Either/Or Choices featuring Dr. Barry Johnson

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#64 How to Make A Positive Difference in the World and Stop Making False Either/Or Choices featuring Dr. Barry Johnson

September 30, 2020

#64 How to Make A Positive Difference in the World and Stop Making False Either/Or Choices featuring Dr. Barry Johnson

In this episode we interview Dr. Barry Johnson.  Barry is the author of AND:  Making a Difference by Leveraging Polarity, Paradox, or Dilemma.  Volume One: Foundations.  

AND is for people interested in making a positive difference in the world or in any part of their life as a citizen, a family member, or an individual within an organization.   

Barry shares Volume One of AND that represents an enhancement of the evolving polarity theory and modifications to the Polarity Map® based on learnings over the past 18 years since the publication of Barry’s first book.   This volume covers the application of fundamental polarities from different system perspectives and how different polarities show up in the brain.   

Volume Two will be released in a few months and will cover the application of the polarity phenomena and creates awareness of the many caring bright people using Polarity Thinking™ in numerous different disciplines around the world.   

During our interview with Barry we explore how Both/And thinking overcomes resistance to change and polarization and is an essential step in making a difference. 

Barry encourages readers to start with the chapter that resonates with them most after reading the introduction.   We’ve all been living with this phenomenon our whole life, so at some level what is in the book will make sense because of your life experience. 

Barry shares with us his thinking behind the intentional design of the book and how the chapters build on each other culminating with making a difference and taking care of self. With the book near completion at the onset of COVID-19, he has  two editorial chapter additions at the end of the book specific to the pandemic,  including Health AND Economy and Freedom AND the Common Good.  

In the interview Barry also conveys how the polarity of Part and Whole is the starting point for the book and explains why this provides a foundation for all the polarities discussed in the book.  We also talk about the essence of the Part and Whole polarity and how it can be used as a frame for looking at specific challenges such as clinician burnout.   

Barry shares learning about polarities is easiest when you work from the smallest system up.  So, beginning with polarities that have meaning for you as an individual enables you to see quickly how the same polarity is applicable across other levels of the system.  

We close the interview with conversation about misdiagnosing polarities as problems and how leaders pay a price twice when this occurs.   

If you want to make a positive difference in the world, this book will be a game changer for you! 

Enjoy the episode!

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