EIT Health Germany Series 3/12: The Impact of Voice Tech in Healthcare (Julia Hoxha, Zana)

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EIT Health Germany Series 3/12: The Impact of Voice Tech in Healthcare (Julia Hoxha, Zana)

March 3, 2022

EIT Health Germany Series 3/12: The Impact of Voice Tech in Healthcare (Julia Hoxha, Zana)

Voice tech is one of the tech areas with high potential to optimize healthcare processes for providers and ease chronic disease in management for patients. In reality: How far are we from futuristic ideas where everything would be operated with the help of voice? How do innovators reduce the risk of misunderstandings in designing voice technologies? What does the development of human-like bots look like?

Tune in to the discussion with Julia Hoxha co-founder and CEO of Zana – a healthcare startup that helps organisations to build artificially intelligent voice and chatbot solutions. Julia’s background is in computer science with a heavy focus in machine learning and particularly in conversational AI, which is also the core technology of Zana. We discussed the latest trends in the use of voice in healthcare and how far beyond scheduling appointments with the help of Alexa have we come by 2022. 

This episode is supported by EiT Health Germany, which is one of eight Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) currently funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). EiT Health Germany connects 150 renowned partners from industry, research and education from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The unique network helps initiate outstanding innovations in the health sector. If you’re a startup working in the field of digital health or biotech and don’t know EiT Health Germany yet, I would encourage you to visit, where you will find more about innovation, acceleration, and education programs. 

The application deadline for many of these programs is 14th March, so do check them: 

Learn more about Zana: 

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