How Can You Improve Design in Healthcare? (Tim Peck, IDEO)

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How Can You Improve Design in Healthcare? (Tim Peck, IDEO)

March 10, 2022

How Can You Improve Design in Healthcare? (Tim Peck, IDEO)

Many software solutions for healthcare could be described as lacking empathy. Too often, solutions are addressing products viability and feasibility, but put desirability in the second place of priorities, says Tim Peck is Executive Portfolio Director of Health at IDEO. He is an entrepreneur and a Harvard-trained Emergency Medicine physician, who has been practicing human-centered design for over a decade. He spent 3 months in a nursing home to grasp the reality and problems of this kind of environment before he built Call9 – a health technology company that provided telemedicine for nursing home residents. In this discussion, we talked about design in healthcare. What is human.centered design? How to ask questions in your user research? What are the main mistakes innovators make?   

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