Going All In

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Going All In

This episode is a mash-up of previous Day Zero guests, featuring Chris Severn, CEO and Co-founder, Turquoise Health; Kian Raiszadeh, M.D., Founder and CEO, SpineZone; and Nina Tandon, Ph.D., CEO…
March 21, 2023

Going All In

Meet the Guests: 

Chris Severn is the CEO and Co-founder of Turquoise Health. Kian Raiszadeh, M.D., is Founder and CEO, SpineZone; Nina Tandon, Ph.D., is CEO and co-founder, EpiBone.

This episode is about figuring out when it’s time to fully commit to the entrepreneurial vision. 

Exploring Opportunity. The pitch to potential investors and partners should involve a clear description of the unique market opportunity. Timing is everything. 

Should you Focus on Outcome? Dr. Raiszadeh advises against it. Instead, make the choice to commit, and then try to enjoy the ride – every aspect of it, including ups and downs.

Academic Grants. Nina Tandon suggests that for some, an SBIR grant, or similar sources of funding, can be the perfect foundation for kicking off an entrepreneurial project.

This episode is a mash-up of previous Day Zero guests. 

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