Finding the Right Partners

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Finding the Right Partners

This episode is a mash-up on the topic of finding good partners and viable partnerships. Guests include Chris Severn, CEO and Co-founder, Turquoise Health; Brad Smith, Founder and CEO, Russell…
December 13, 2022

Finding the Right Partners

Meet the Guests:

Chris Severn is the CEO and Co-founder of Turquoise Health. Brad Smith is the Founder and CEO of Russell Street Ventures. Tom Stanis is the Founder and CEO of Story Health.


This episode is about finding potential partners and making good partnerships.

Saying No. If you are committed to a principled vision, you may face enticing offers that would bring significant financial gain, but in some circumstances, accepting may gradually lead you away from your mission. Consider carefully.

Partnering with Incumbents. The healthcare economy is evolving rapidly, and it’s difficult to start something from scratch. Accept how the landscape looks in order to identify viable potential partnerships. 

Knowing Yourself. When you partner with large companies, you may have to adjust what you’re trying to do to fit their goals. Aim to maintain clear self-awareness about what role you want your company to play in relation to a larger partner.

This episode is a mash-up of previous Day Zero guests. 

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