Better Outputs, Less Work

Day Zero

Better Outputs, Less Work

In this episode, hosted by Nathan Bays, Healthcare M&A, Citi, Dr. Russ Richmond discusses his discovery of the business side of health systems, and explains how he launched his latest…
April 18, 2023

Better Outputs, Less Work

Meet Russ Richmond

Russ Richmond is a physician entrepreneur with experience building digital health companies such as Laudio, Advanced Practice Strategies (APS), Objective Health, Verisk Health, and D2Hawkeye, as well as counseling large payors and health systems while with McKinsey & Company.

Key Insights:

Dr. Richmond’s company, Laudio, brings all of the major hospital workloads together for frontline health system managers.


Solving Labor. Dr. Richmond understood, early on, that labor and labor productivity would be the major issue for health systems. 

A Workflow Interface? Laudio brings 7 or 8 major workloads together, and also suggests the next best actions, to help guide managers. 

Start Early. Dr. Richmond suggests that if you have an idea for an entrepreneurial venture, it’s best to start as soon as possible. 


Relevant Links:

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