6: Brokers for Better Benefits with Brandon Wells, Co-founder and CEO, Nava

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6: Brokers for Better Benefits with Brandon Wells, Co-founder and CEO, Nava

This episode is hosted by Day Zero Advisory Council member Marcus Osborne, Former Senior Vice President at Walmart Health. Marcus speaks with Brandon Wells, Co-founder and CEO of Nava. The…
December 7, 2021

6: Brokers for Better Benefits with Brandon Wells, Co-founder and CEO, Nava

Meet Brandon Weber:

Brandon Weber is the co-founder and CEO of Nava, a benefits brokerage firm that facilitates high quality healthcare to employers. He is a co-founder and advisor for VTS and serves on the board of Directors for WiredScore. Additionally, Brandon is an Advisor for CityBldr and he previously founded and was CEO of Hightower Inc. Brandon earned degrees in Computer Information Systems and Human Computer Interactions from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Key Insights:

When founders become truly obsessed about a problem, the solution is therapeutic. That’s how Brandon Weber feels about the ever-increasing cost of healthcare, and Nava scratches that itch.

  • Bottleneck. There is a huge explosion of innovation on the supply side of healthcare, but it is not reaching buyers. Part of the bottleneck is in the benefits brokerage industry, which Nava hopes to change. Brandon thinks the future might already be here, it’s just not evenly distributed.(1:11)
  • Strong Beliefs, Held Loosely. Entrepreneurs need to have an unwavering conviction that a problem exists, but listen to the data and consumers to develop solutions. (13:23)
  • Be the Change. Brandon is passionate about convincing founders to take the leap. From family stories to subreddit anecdotes, many Americans have experienced healthcare events that adversely impacted their health or finances. There is no shortage of problems to solve. (16:29)

This episode is hosted by Marcus Osborne. He is a member of the Advisory Council for Day Zero and the former Senior Vice President for Walmart Health.

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