4: Putting Humanity in Healthcare

Day Zero

4: Putting Humanity in Healthcare

This episode is hosted by Day Zero Advisory Council member Marcus Osborne who serves as Senior Vice President at Walmart Health. Marcus speaks with Alexandra Drane, Co-founder and CEO, ARCHANGELS.…
November 23, 2021

4: Putting Humanity in Healthcare

Meet Alexandra Drane:

Alexandra Drane is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Currently, she is the co-founder and CEO of ARCHANGELS. Previously, she co-founded Eliza Corporation, Engage with Grace, Seduce Health, and Rebel Health. She served as a Wellness Expert for Prudential Financial and is also a cashier-on-leave for Walmart. She is a board member or advisor for many organizations including RAND Health, Open Notes, and Harvard Medical School’s Executive Council of the Division of Sleep Medicine.

Key Insights:

For Alexandra, community is the front line of health. She believes that healthcare should be driven by love and compassion, and that we are all more alike as humans than we are different.

  • Humanity in Healthcare. Alexandra shares a personal anecdote about how healthcare is sometimes rigid and callous to the very patients it’s supposed to serve. Healthcare should be guided by kindness, support, and most importantly, love. (12:49)
  • Don’t Get Comfortable. Making assumptions is risky. Especially with COVID-19, much of healthcare is in uncharted territory. If you feel confident that you have all the right answers, be afraid because that bubble might pop. (19:57)
  • Life on the Edge. Part of being an entrepreneur is experiencing the constant whiplash between success and failure. There will always be ups and downs, so make sure to have a support system for the downs. At the same time, not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur, and that’s okay. (24:46)

This episode is hosted by Marcus Osborne. He is a member of the Advisory Council for Day Zero and is the Senior Vice President for Walmart Health.

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