#71, Simulating the Future of Public Health, with John Cordier of Epistemix

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

#71, Simulating the Future of Public Health, with John Cordier of Epistemix

Explore Epistemix's innovative approach to population health management with CEO John Cordier on the AWS Health Innovation Podcast, learning all about how their simulations are changing the healthcare landscape.
November 20, 2023

#71, Simulating the Future of Public Health, with John Cordier of Epistemix

As we try to keep up with a world being transformed by data driven decision making, the potential value of a tool that simulates the future of public health is profound. On this episode of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast, Yin He from AWS Startups speaks with John Cordier, the CEO & Co-Founder of Epistemix, who built a platform for running realistic simulations of human populations, simulations that reveal crucial points of leverage where a single decision can have extraordinary impact, providing game-changing capabilities to health plans and systems.

  • Population Health Simulation [02:05]: Discover Epistemix’s synthetic population health engine and learn about John’s career, dedicated to advancing public health.
  • COVID-19 & Behavioral Shifts [06:28]: Learn about the pivotal role of information and behavior changes in public health, using COVID-19 as a case study.
  • Strategic Health Planning [13:29]: Deep dive into Epistemix’s role in helping health plans and systems develop strategies to improve outcomes, access, and equity.
  • Technology [17:02]: Explore the innovative technology behind Epistemix’s simulations, offering highly granular data across the US and beyond.
  • Improving Health Equity [19:52]: John shares insights on addressing social determinants in health through Epistemix’s simulations.
  • The Power of Simulation [26:48]: Understand the dynamic nature of Epistemix’s approach to simulation versus prediction in public health.

“Simulation, Not Prediction”, read the blog mentioned in this episode:

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