#67, The AI Behind 1,000 Medical Centers, Elad Walach from Aidoc

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#67, The AI Behind 1,000 Medical Centers, Elad Walach from Aidoc

Learn about an AI platform which is processing data from more than 1 million patients across over 1,000 medical centers per month from Elad Walach, CEO of Aidoc, who joins…
October 24, 2023

#67, The AI Behind 1,000 Medical Centers, Elad Walach from Aidoc

How is AI transforming the way hopsitals operate? Guy Spigelman, the EMEA lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups at AWS, welcomes Elad Walach, the Founder and CEO of Aidoc to the show for a candid and lighthearted conversation. Aidoc offers a leading healthcare AI platform used in over 1,000 medical centers globally, analyzing more than a million patients a month. In this episode, we discuss Aidoc’s evolution, Elad’s journey as a first-time founder, and how to scale a healthcare startup to over 400 employees while attracting more than $250M in financing from leading investors.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Beyond Digital Health [01:25] – Elad and Guy discuss why the term “Digital Health” is limiting and how Aidoc focuses on clinical outcomes, not just technology. They also cover the challenges of FDA clearances and the unique path Aidoc has taken.
  • Who is the Customer? [05:27] – We explore the evolution of Aidoc’s customer focus, from radiologists to enterprise-level deals with hospital systems, and how their priorities have changed over the past two years.
  • Scaling Challenges [09:18] – Elad shares Aidoc’s journey from a radiology-focused startup to an enterprise-level Clinical AI provider. We hear about the challenges of scaling and competing against larger incumbents in the healthcare industry, while also learning about Elad’s evolution as a founder and leader.
  • It’s All About the People [15:00] – Aidoc’s internal culture is fuelled by patient and physician stories. We discuss the importance of culture in scaling a startup and how Aidoc ensures they are hiring and developing great talent.
  • AI Hype vs. Reality [21:39] – Thanks to the proliferation of chatbots, AI is on everyone’s mind. Elad talks about the responsibility entrepreneurs deploying AI in healthcare have, emphasizing the need for education and better planning, to avoid an “AI winter” where we burn early adopters and lose a golden opportunity to accelerate innovation in healthcare.
  • Future Ambitions [29:09] – Elad shares Aidoc’s future ambitions, from an IPO to expanding AI’s impact in healthcare. We also end with some sage advice for healthcare founders.

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