#60, Revolutionizing Dentistry with AI, Ophir Tanz from Pearl

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

#60, Revolutionizing Dentistry with AI, Ophir Tanz from Pearl

How is AI shaping the future of dental care? Ophir Tanz of Pearl shares his vision and journey on the AWS Health Innovation Podcast.
August 23, 2023

#60, Revolutionizing Dentistry with AI, Ophir Tanz from Pearl

Ever wonder about the intersection of AI and dentistry? Join Alex Merwin, Head of Growth, Healthcare & Life Sciences Startups at AWS, as he sits down with Ophir Tanz, Founder & CEO of Pearl, a company using AI to power the future of dentistry. From Ophir’s background to the intricacies of integrating AI in dental care, we cover a lot in this one!

  • Unveiling Pearl’s Vision: Learn about Ophir’s professional journey and the unique challenges and opportunities of integrating AI in dentistry. [01:36]
  • Startup Evolution & Selecting Investors: Hard won insights about Series A & B fundraising, how Pearl spun out of a successful computer vision startup, and how to think about who you should invite onto your board of directors. [07:59]
  • Visual Storytelling: How AI-enabled dental imaging takes advantage of our preference for visual story telling, improving diagnostic performance of dentists and empowering patients to understand and improve their dental health. [15:46]
  • Pearl’s Bold Regulatory Strategy: Why Pearl decided to pursue 10 FDA clearances in one submission. [21:02]
  • Integration & Deployment: Pearl’s approach to ensuring a smooth workflow and a great clinician experience. [25:21]
  • Crafting Quality AI Models: Pearl’s meticulous process of sourcing and annotating training data, culminating in their performant AI models. [27:40]
  • Generative AI and other Emerging Trends: Generative AI use cases and other emerging trends in applying AI in dentistry. [31:48]
  • Workflow – The Key to Adoption: Why great AI is not enough, a seamless workflow is a requirement for clinician adoption and effective implementation. [35:59]

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