#59, Bridging health data silos in Europe with Dali Kilani, CTO of LIfen

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#59, Bridging health data silos in Europe with Dali Kilani, CTO of LIfen

Discover how Lifen is unlocking the potential of health data in Europe. Join Guy Spigelman from AWS and Dali Kilani from Lifen as they discuss data interoperability, clinician empowerment, and…
August 15, 2023

#59, Bridging health data silos in Europe with Dali Kilani, CTO of LIfen

Join Guy Spigelman, EMEA Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences Startups at AWS, as he sits down with Dali Kilani, CTO of Lifen. Learn about how Lifen’s tools are reshaping healthcare in Europe, making it more accessible, efficient, and unlocking the full potential of health data.

  • Lifen’s Data Solutions: Data access & interoperability challenges, and what Lifen does – 01:34
  • Clinician Digital Empowerment: The importance of clinician enablement, providing better digital tools and training on how to use these tools – 05:50
  • Lifen’s Impact: How hospitals and health techs work with Lifen to improve quality, access & efficiency of care – 09:27
  • Customer-Centric Pricing: Aligning business models, how to be customer obsessed with pricing – 16:32
  • Security as Strength: Privacy by design and the benefits of making security & compliance a strength for your team to sell into – 19:50
  • European Expansion: International expansion within Europe, and how to manage regulatory, health system diversity & cultural headwinds – 24:25
  • Innovation vs. Risk: Clinical opportunity cost, taking a risk management-first approach to digital health innovation to get solutions into the clinic faster while doing no harm – 28:21
  • Dali’s Background: What brought Dali to focus his career on health innovation, and his optimism for the future – 34:15

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