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The Happy Nurse

Elaina Mullery promotes self-care strategies to her fellow nurses and healthcare workers.

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053: Establishing A Space for Psychological Safety For Healthcare Professionals with Liam Caswell

There is a growing demand to create a space for psychological safety in the healthcare industry. It’s vital for producing a high-performance team.   Healthcare professionals focus on the psychological safety of their patients. They look after patients to the best of their abilities and ensure that they’re set up for success. However, this safe space is often not offered to themselves or their colleagues.  In this episode, I have another astounding conversation with Liam Caswell, a High Performance Nurse Coach. With 10 years of international healthcare experience, he aims to coach, educate, and transform the lives and careers of nurses. In our conversation, Liam emphasized the importance of setting a space for psychological safety in the workplace. If the healthcare industry really wants to establish this, they’ll create an environment that stimulates self-awareness and self-compassion, so nurses can perform as their authentic selves. TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: Getting clear about your why in life (04:38) Why we need to increase our tolerance for failure (12:11) The benefits of establishing psychological safety in healthcare (18:45) Why self-awareness and self-compassion matter (26:05) Reframing burnout as something positive (31:52) How to step into your authentic self (35:20) CONNECT WITH LIAM CASWELL   Connect with Liam on LinkedIn Connect with Liam on Facebook and Instagram Listen to Liam’s podcast, High Performance Nursing, here. CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook Connect with me on LinkedIn Subscribe to my Youtube channel For more information got to:
May 2, 2022

052: Retreat as the Gateway to Recovery From Moral Injury With Janie Hoogesteger

There is a second pandemic currently occurring. Burnout in our healthcare staff. Many of us are beyond burnout and we are having to shift our focus from prevention, to burnout recovery.    The environment that is pre disposing us to burnout and compassion fatigue is creating “moral injury.”  Moral Injury is leading to nurses feeling undervalued, trapped, exhausted, unappreciated and lost in a very broken system.   In this episode, I had the pleasure to chat with Janie Hoogesteger. She is a Registered Nurse with  over 20 years of nursing experience. She believes that for the longest time, nurses have been focusing their energies on their patients and neglecting self-care. Janine shares a holistic approach to self-care, her non-negotiable when it comes to self-care and how she helps heal the healers through her retreats.   TRIGGER warning - Suicide is discussed in this episode.    TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: Why do nurses experience a moral injury? (03:25) The dangers of gaslighting nurses (05:52) The negative effects of being resilient (09:00) Janie's non-negotiable in self-care (12:35) The benefits of sleep in productivity (21:08) Finding what works for you (24:32) Indulgent self-care (26:15) What inspires Janie to be the best version of herself? (31:27) Trigger Warning: Janie discusses her flatmate’s suicide & how it changed her (31:59) Janie's motivation for creating retreats (37:00) CONNECT WITH JANIE HOOGESTEGER  Connect with Janie on Facebook and Instagram Register for the Reset Retreat here.
March 31, 2022

051: Finding Your Light At The End Of The Tunnel with Michelle Powell

Welcome back to The Happy Nurse Podcast. It has been a busy 6 months break, but I’m excited to be recording and sharing knowledge with you once again. There’s no better way to begin the podcast than with a wonderful friend of mine, Michelle Powell. Michelle Is a Trauma and Wellness Expert, she holds many qualifications including, Hypnotherapist, Emotional Coach, NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner and so much more. In this episode, Michelle and I discuss how healthcare professionals can find their light at the end of the tunnel. We all know that nurses are no longer looking for burnout prevention, they now need burnout recovery strategies.    The stress and burnout tunnel may feel difficult to pass through, but it’s always possible. It starts with having the mindset that your well-being should be a priority. The journey through the tunnel may be long and challenging, but there’s always light at the end of it if you keep moving forward. If you feel you need immediate crisis intervention. Please call Nurse & Midwife Support - 1800 667 877.   TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: The reality of nursing burnout (02:30) Nurses’ professional and personal pressures (07:33) The consequences of not delivering the best care (12:22) How to beat healthcare burnout (14:30) Why we need to take care of mental and emotional space (20:07) The importance of finding your tribe (23:08) From Stressed to In Control (30:10) RESOURCES MENTIONED 050: Unpacking Body Image Issues Part 2 with Michelle Powell The Mastery Of Wellness From Stressed To In Control CONNECT WITH MICHELLE POWELL  Connect with Michelle on Facebook and Instagram Subscribe to Michelle’s Youtube Channel CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook Connect with me on LinkedIn Subscribe to my Youtube channel For more information got to:
February 28, 2022

050: Unpacking Body Image Issues Part 2 with Michelle Powell

We’ve finally hit episode 50! I’m beyond excited to celebrate this milestone and what better way to do so by having back on the show one of our regular guests, Michelle Powell.  We recorded an episode a couple of months ago around body image which was very well received. However, it was such a big topic that we were not really able to get to the bottom of what body image can encompass.  So today, we’re back to unpack concepts of the perfect body image that the media and everyone else bombard us with. From this, we’ll tackle how we should course through our body image issues. We cannot emphasise enough that our bodies carry our stories. Whatever milestones we go through in life, our bodies are there to change, age and transform with us.  You’ve got to be the change that you want to see in the world and it starts with embracing, loving and accepting your own work of art - which is your body. Join me in this episode as Michelle shares valuable insights on body image, it’s portrayal in media, and why it's crucial to stop comparing and start celebrating whatever body type you have.  Stay tuned next March for season 2 of The Happy Nurse! TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: The portrayal of the perfect body image by the media (4:52) Seeking external validation (7:10) Body image is not just a female issue (09:35) Elaina and Michelle’s journey with body image (11:09) Why cosmetic surgery should be backed by psychological assessment (17:40) The taboo on women’s cycle (29:25) How we feel about our bodies impacts our life (33:10) Dealing with our insecurities (37:30) Embrace your authenticity (39:24) RESOURCES MENTIONED Episode 45 - Body Image Issues with Michelle Powell Episode 42 - Empowered Period with Jacqui O’Connor CONNECT WITH MICHELLE POWELL Click Here to download your free copy of The 10 Foundations of Wellness Connect with Michelle on Facebook Connect with Michelle on Instagram Connect with Michell on Youtube CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook Connect with me on LinkedIn Subscribe to my Youtube channel For more information got to:
September 6, 2021

049: How to Beat the BS with Mark Bramwell

We’ve all been deceived by the belief that success is about getting more.  As a result, we have developed an endless pursuit to have more and be more, only to find out that many of the things we chase don’t ring us happiness.  In fact sometimes, the exact opposite. Unfortunately for many, it leads to being stuck on the BS hamster wheel.   In this episode, I’m joined by Mark Bramwell, the author of the book, That’s Bullshit: Stop drowning under stress-inducing advice and a relentless pursuit of more. In his book Mark breaks down what’s really important in life and how we can achieve personal satisfaction. Do you want to free yourself from the hamster wheel  and from the BS that’s happening around your work and life?  Join me in this episode as Mark shares valuable insights from his book, That’s Bullshit. TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: How That’s Bullshit started (8:00) Find what works for you (11:20) Identifying and removing bullshit (18:37) Get a sense of your journey (26:15) Focus on becoming the best version of yourself (28:04) Create a goals board for giving (33:57)  It’s about being present (39:08)  Get balance (50:20)  RESOURCES MENTIONED BramwellSolutions That’s Bullshit! by Mark Bramwell Start With Why by Simon Sinek  CONNECT WITH MARK BRAMWELL Connect with Mark on Facebook Connect with Mark on Twitter Connect with Mark on LinkedIn CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook Connect with me on LinkedIn Subscribe to my Youtube channel For more information got to:
August 23, 2021

048: Burnout In A Time Of Exhaustion With Kenny Gibson

It’s no surprise that Nurses and healthcare Practitioners are battling burnout and mental health issues now more than ever. Burnout in itself is becoming a pandemic.   This episode’s guest is Kenny Gibson, National Head of Safeguarding at NHS England. Kenny shares how we as nurses and healthcare practitioners can overcome burnout in a time of exhaustion. He shares what it takes to become a positive disruptor in today’s disruptive world to ensure that Nurses and healthcare practitioners are doing everything they can to prevent burnout and mental health issues. Life will continue to bring us rain and thunderstorms. Remember, it’s up to you to bring your own weather and create your own sunshine.  TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: Kenny’s career journey (3:06) Negative impact of the Angel Hero Persona as nurses (10:00) Co-dependence with our nurses (11:10) Post-traumatic resilience-based supervision (15:18) There are more things that connect us than disconnects us (24:40) Bring your own weather and create your own sunshine (30:20) Be a positive disruptor (32:25) Burnout in a time where we are all exhausted (33:26) Nurses’ compassion burnout and fatigue (37:15) The importance of family (42:55) RESOURCES MENTIONED Happy Nurse Podcast: Episode 41 (Celebrating International Nurses Day) CONNECT WITH KENNY GIBSON Connect with Kenny on Twitter Connect with Kenny on LinkedIn CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook Connect with me on LinkedIn Subscribe to my Youtube channel For more information got to:
August 9, 2021

The Happy Nurse

Nurses are the backbones of the health system, always there to care for a stranger as if they were on their own. Forsaking special moments with their own families to ensure that other families ' loved ones are being cared for. Compassion fatigue, stress, and burnout are on the rise in healthcare workers. Self-care has never been so important.
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Elaina Mullery RN

Elaina Mullery RN

Elaina Mullery, RN studied nursing at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. She spent the first ten years of her career in Scotland before moving to Perth, Australia in 2010. Her clinical experience has been across a variety of settings including Orthopaedic Trauma, Operating Room, Endoscopy, Recovery and Day Surgery. She currently works in PACU.

Elaina has the first-hand experience of stress and burnout. It was this experience that led her to develop a passion for personal development. She has a diploma in Mindfulness and Meditation, and she is a certified hypnotherapist and a certified NLP Practitioner.

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