The Happy Nurse

The Happy Nurse

Elaina Mullery promotes self-care strategies to her fellow nurses and healthcare workers.

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032: High Performance Nursing Care with Liam Caswell

Self-care is defined as "what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, and to prevent and deal with illness." However, this is one skill that many nurses seem to neglect.  In this episode, we get to chat with Liam Caswell, leader of High Performance Nursing, a community of nurses who seek to transform their nursing practice, workplace culture and service provision to deliver high performance nursing care in a sustainable manner.  Nurses are compassionate people who usually put their patient’s health, safety, and well-being before their own. But in order to give the best care to our patients, it is essential that we fill our own cup first. TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: NLP (5:21) How influential media is (6:00) Who are you giving your control to? (7:30) Getting inspiration from others to be your best self (8:54) Having a good understanding of yourself (10:00) Doing what’s important to us (13:20) Self-sacrificing leads to burnout (13:50) Are you happy to say no to yourself? (14:30) Having strong boundaries (14:50) Having a positive reframe of burnout (18:18) Why don’t nurses talk about burnout? (18:37) Normalising mental health issues (19:30) Psychologically safe workplace (20:00) Psychological safety (20:35) Culture of nurses eating their young (24:13) Fear of change (26:53) Fear of the unknown (27:10) Change is constant (27:40) FEAR: Forget everything and run or Face everything and rise (28:10) Having our vulnerability armour on (29:50) Building a high performance team (30:55) What your WHY is as a leader (31:50) Showing your vulnerability with your patients (34:38) Having our own individual needs for our own self-care (38:10) RESOURCES MENTIONED Start with Why by Simon Sinek (28:18) CONNECT WITH LIAM CASWELL ( Connect with Liam on (Facebook) Connect with Liam on (Instagram) CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY ( Connect with me on (Instagram) and (Facebook) Connect with me on (LinkedIn) Subscribe to my (Youtube) channel
January 11, 2021

031: Real Relationships and Genuine Connections with Michelle Powell

People all crave love and belonging. The important thing to remember though, is to strive for healthy relationships and not allowing unhealthy patterns to develop in our lives.  However, as adults we sometimes let all the trauma and stress of life stop us from letting people into our lives and cultivating a friendly or romantic relationship. In this episode, Michelle Powell and I discuss the different factors that we have to navigate through when it comes to relationships—the stories in our heads, choosing quality over quantity, deciding whether to be vulnerable or not, online dating, love languages, and finding a balance between our feminine and masculine sides. TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: Michelle’s work (03:41) We all need true connections, love and belonging (4:50) Personal and professional trauma makes us hesitate in having relationships (6:57) The impact of core values on relationships (8:34) We all have stories in our heads based on past relationships (10:34) We build emotional armour to protect our vulnerable parts (12:33) You’ve grown and aren’t the same person you once were (13:55) Is it important to know your emotional triggers are before entering a new relationship? (14:30) We need to stay aligned with our integrity and be self aware of our boundaries (16:11) Boundaries can shift as you grow because it could be just you playing safe (18:16) Disposable vs authentic relationships (21:04) Online dating has its place in our society today but everything still depends on knowing your worth (23:10) Know your love languages (25:01) Females and males can see things in different ways so communication is key (29:24) When females tap too much into the masculine side (32:26) Societal pressures on women (35:26) Finding a balance between the feminine and masculine sides (38:40) Two-way communication is important, even though people find it hard to do (43:16) It’s okay to take small steps at a time (47:59) Have quality relationships without judgment (49:50) CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY ( Connect with me on (Instagram) and (Facebook) Connect with me on (LinkedIn) Subscribe to my (Youtube) channel
December 28, 2020

030: Self-care For Paediatric Nurses With Brooke Batchelor And Erica Donovan

While there is a lot of news and attention on burnout among healthcare providers, burnout among paediatric nurses has received less attention. In this episode, we are joined by Brooke and Erica of The Paediatric Nurse, a supportive place for nurses and parents caring for children with a mission to transform paediatric healthcare & nursing knowledge by improving access to online continued professional development courses. We delve into the tips and tools for self-care specifically for paediatric nurses.  As paediatric nurses, building good rapport with children and being able to connect meaningfully with our patients requires us to show up as our best selves everyday. The best way to do so is by first filling our own cup. TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: Stories as a great communication tool (7:56) Having a mentor and coach (10:55) Not procrastinating too much (11:53) Meal preparations as a part of self-care (12:30) Practicing gratitude (13:18) Meditation practices (17:15) Our patients keep us on our toes (25:10) Learning to say no (28:12) Our children look at us as their role models (30:00) Having boundaries (31:15) Giving yourself permission to have fun (34:07) Self care tips for paediatric nurses (35:10) Letting yourself enjoy time with children (35:50) Being compassionate with yourself (37:08) No obsessing about work, after work hours (37:24) Leave work at work (37:30) Listening to your body and what it needs (38:16) Giving ourselves the same compassion we give others (44:47) Your health is not irreplaceable (45:53) Looking after ourselves (46:52) CONNECT WITH BROOKE AND ERICA ( Connect with Brook and Erica on (Facebook) and (Instagram) CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY ( Connect with me on (Instagram) and (Facebook) Connect with me on (LinkedIn) Subscribe to my (Youtube) channel
December 14, 2020

029: How Medical Debriefing Leads to Better Nurses’ Wellbeing with Cameron Tyers

Medical debriefings are usually held after a significant event. Its main purpose is to review the event and discuss how staff responded and in what areas can be improved on. Debriefing is a great opportunity for nurses and medical workers to communicate and ask important questions. Cameron Tyers is a registered emergency nurse, and in this episode, he shares with us the importance of having a debrief process that benefits the wellbeing of nurses and medical health practitioners and how to make it happen as effectively as possible.  By creating constant communication and asking questions through the debrief, this not only helps your patients but is an essential way to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue. Encouraging debriefing also encourages a psychologically safe work environment because people are seen and heard. Are your debriefing processes being practiced effectively?  TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: Nursing is a vocation (5:44) Debriefing your patients (6:20) What hinders debriefing (8:49) Debriefing helps the whole department and not just the patients (10:00) Encouraging debriefing creates a psychologically safe environment (10:29) Types of debriefing (10:55) The Nursing App for Self-Care (11:36) Getting outside in nature is therapeutic (14:06) Team building spent outdoors (14:17) Types of debriefing (19:46) Hot debrief vs Cold debrief (20:00) Calmness in a debrief makes a good debrief (23:21) We all handle debriefs in a different way (24:30) Not blaming others (24:57) Learning from our mistakes (26:06) The element of fear as nurses (26:35) The importance of asking questions (27:15) Showing vulnerability (28:03) Finding the time to debrief (29:32) Not taking work home with you (30:16) Write down all your questions and don’t be afraid to ask them (31:45) Not debriefing can lead to burnout (32:11) Debriefing on anything you have questions about (33:30) Asking questions as a form of self-care (33:58) CONNECT WITH CAMERON TYERS Connect with Cameron on (LinkedIn) Connect with Cameron on (Facebook) CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY ( Connect with me on (Instagram) and (Facebook) Connect with me on (LinkedIn) Subscribe to my (Youtube) channel
November 30, 2020

028: The Blue Girl Nurse with Emma Gracie

Each day always brings something new to a nurse. It may be new patients, new colleagues, new cases, or even new diseases. This is why we always have a story to tell at the end of a long and tiring shift.  In this episode, long-time nurse Emma Gracie shares how she collected stories from personal experiences, from fellow nurses and from patients, and used them to launch a successful blog and a new book. Join us as we share and dive deep into some of these stories of beginnings, self care, and inspiration. TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: All about Emma’s journey (03:48) The stories that started the journey towards nursing (09:53) Yoga as a non-negotiable practice (13:47) “Me-time” as indulgent self-care (16:03) Children and elderly patients as sources of inspiration (18:49) A story about not being afraid even during a war (19:43) A story about resilience (21:15) A story about slowing down (22:15) Spend time with nature (24:02) Be present in the moment (24:43) Stories about appreciating the moment (27:01) RESOURCES MENTIONED (Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity) by Dr. Ronald Epstein M.D. (Brene Brown) CONNECT WITH EMMA GRACIE (Blue Girl: Nursing Beyond the Ward) (Blue Girl Nurse) Connect with Emma on (Instagram) and (Twitter) Connect with Emma on (Facebook)  CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY ( Connect with me on (Instagram) and (Facebook) Connect with me on (LinkedIn) Subscribe to my (Youtube) channel
November 16, 2020

027: When Holistic Care Gets Associated with “Woo-Woo” with Michelle Powell

People, including those in the healthcare industry such as nurses and midwives, oftentimes associate holistic care practices like mindfulness, reiki, or hypnotherapy with concepts like “woo-woo,” alternative, out-of-left-field, fluffy, wishy-washy, or unscientific. Such a negative connotation can stop people from getting the help that they need because of the fear of being judged for doing something less mainstream. In this episode, my guest, Michelle Powell, and I unpack where this misguided label comes from and how we can start to change the conversation around a holistic approach to health, self care and wellness. TOPICS WE DISCUSSED INCLUDE: Michelle’s holistic work (03:24) Holistic practices can be associated with a woo-woo label (04:02) The label can lead to fear or judgement among practitioners or laypeople (06:16) Alternative therapy is portrayed as using fluffy language (08:07) People shy away because of the fear of judgement or negative connotations (09:29) You need to start with the foundations (10:06) A model of self care (13:34) Overcome traumas from the bottom-up (14:15) Ultimately you desire to be the best version of yourself (15:04) You are human with needs and challenges in life (15:29) Being fiercely independent may be a trauma response (17:52) Touch is a powerful tool for healing (19:30) There’s a fine line between being needy and being human (22:37) When you allow someone to give, you both benefit from it (25:13) It’s the simple things like human connections that we need in life (27:02) You can go far with other people (28:37) Holistic health care involves sound, practical tools (31:04) Shared experiences and shared stories are powerful healing tools (33:14) These tools are based on ancient practices (35:19) Different types of therapies have their own places in healing (35:36) A therapist who will not judge (36:07) “Make time for your wellness, not your illness” (40:17) “I”llness vs. “We”llness (41:55) CONNECT WITH ELAINA MULLERY ( Connect with me on (Instagram) and (Facebook) Connect with me on (LinkedIn) Subscribe to my (Youtube) channel
November 2, 2020

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The Happy Nurse

Nurses are the backbones of the health system, always there to care for a stranger as if they were on their own. Forsaking special moments with their own families to ensure that other families ' loved ones are being cared for. Compassion fatigue, stress, and burnout are on the rise in healthcare workers. Self-care has never been so important.
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Elaina Mullery RN

Elaina Mullery RN

Elaina Mullery, RN studied nursing at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. She spent the first ten years of her career in Scotland before moving to Perth, Australia in 2010. Her clinical experience has been across a variety of settings including Orthopaedic Trauma, Operating Room, Endoscopy, Recovery and Day Surgery. She currently works in PACU.

Elaina has the first-hand experience of stress and burnout. It was this experience that led her to develop a passion for personal development. She has a diploma in Mindfulness and Meditation, and she is a certified hypnotherapist and a certified NLP Practitioner.

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