100: How to Still Love Being a Nurse After 20 Years in the Profession

Rapid Response RN

100: How to Still Love Being a Nurse After 20 Years in the Profession

April 12, 2024

100: How to Still Love Being a Nurse After 20 Years in the Profession

Every day that you complete a shift is a day to celebrate because nursing is undoubtedly one of the hardest professions in the world, especially in the last few years. Burnout rates are extremely high, and for good reason, but there are ways to keep your passion for nursing even after decades in the field.

In this milestone 100th episode of Rapid Response RN, host Sarah Lorenzini celebrates 20 years of being a nurse and *still* loving it. It hasn’t been easy, but two decades of continuous learning and navigating the challenges of the job has taught her invaluable lessons on resilience, self-care, and humanity.

Sarah reflects back on her early mistakes and the hard-earned wisdom that’s kept her love for nursing alive, including connecting with patients, growth through education and mentorship, prioritizing physical and mental health, and MORE.

Tune in now to hear Sarah’s “not so secret sauce” for loving nursing after 20 years!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of self-advocacy and self-care
  • Celebrating your nursing wins
  • Preventing burnout through learning
  • Mentorship and driving change

Listen to episode 38, Q&A: How to Effectively and Professionally Advocate For Your Patient… Even When the Provider is Intimidating, on Apple Podcasts!

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