Susannah Fox Spills the Tea on the “Patient Rebel”

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Susannah Fox Spills the Tea on the “Patient Rebel”

Are you ready for the "patient-led" revolution?
March 12, 2024

Susannah Fox Spills the Tea on the “Patient Rebel”

On this glorious HITea Tuesday, we sit down with Susannah Fox, author of “Rebel Health,” to explore the transformative world of patient-led research and innovation.

Susannah explores the inspiration behind her book and delves into the concept of the “health rebel alliance.” She shares how healthcare consumers can become part of this alliance and discusses the four archetypes driving the patient-led revolution: seekers, networkers, solvers, and champions.

Join us as we envision the future of healthcare shaped by patient empowerment and collaboration, and discover practical advice for advocating for oneself in navigating illness outside traditional healthcare systems. Gain valuable insights on how businesses, governments, and organizations can better support and leverage the power of patient-led initiatives to drive positive change in healthcare outcomes on a larger scale.

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