Safe Haven: Innovating Healthcare Security and Efficiency

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Safe Haven: Innovating Healthcare Security and Efficiency

July 2, 2024

Safe Haven: Innovating Healthcare Security and Efficiency

In this episode, Joy Rios sits down with Rhonda Collins, a seasoned clinical informatics nurse, now with, focusing on revolutionizing healthcare safety and efficiency. Delving into the pressing issue of workplace violence and stress faced by healthcare professionals, Rhonda sheds light on Kontakt’s innovative solutions, including precise location tracking and duress buttons, aimed at enhancing staff and patient safety. The discussion underscores the practical approach of addressing fundamental operational challenges in healthcare environments to create a conducive workplace that promotes better patient care.

Episode Highlights:

[00:02:18] Workplace Stress and Safety Concerns

[00:03:32] Utilizing Technology for Safety in Healthcare

[00:05:25] Solving Real Problems in Healthcare Environments

[00:08:00] Importance of Precise Location Tracking for Support

[00:21:18] Delivering Relevant Information in Healthcare

[00:22:11] Connecting with Rhonda Collins and

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