Ep3: Enabling Effective Surgeries and Achieving Venture-Scale, with Orchestra Health and Opal Ventures

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Ep3: Enabling Effective Surgeries and Achieving Venture-Scale, with Orchestra Health and Opal Ventures

August 9, 2023

Ep3: Enabling Effective Surgeries and Achieving Venture-Scale, with Orchestra Health and Opal Ventures

Ever wondered how technology is reshaping the world of healthcare? Join us in this compelling episode as Henry Peck sits down with two visionary leaders, Owen Willis, founder and general partner of Opal Ventures, a health tech venture fund focused on companies that increase access to healthcare, and Stuart Solomon, co-founder and chief medical officer of Orchestra Health, a health tech company addressing the challenges of perioperative care through groundbreaking technology. 

As a pioneer in the health tech space, Stuart’s experiences and insights offer valuable lessons for entrepreneurs striving to build venture scale businesses in the dynamic healthcare ecosystem. Owen highlights the significance of investors being thought partners and aligning incentives among diverse stakeholders while building venture scale businesses. Together, they discuss Orchestra Health’s mission to revolutionize care coordination and logistics, providing a glimpse into the future of healthcare delivery.

Topics include:

  • Stuart’s journey from anesthesiologist into healthcare entrepreneurship
  • The complexity of perioperative care, and how, by leveraging technology, Orchestra Health makes the process more efficient
  • The importance Opal Ventures and other health investors contributing not just financially, but also as thought partners with their expertise and network
  • The concept of venture scale in healthcare and its relevance to Orchestra’s mission
  • The importance of customer discovery, especially for early-stage health tech founders
  • Why aligning incentives of various stakeholders is crucial for the successful implementation of health tech solutions
  • The future of Orchestra Health, Opal Ventures, and healthcare innovation
  • Stuart and Owen’s upcoming participation at the LSI Europe ‘23 conference in September, where they will discuss these topics in greater detail

And more!

Key moments

  • 00:47 – Stuart’s background and what led him to found Orchestra Health.
  • 05:30 – Owen’s background, and the mission of Opal Ventures
  • 11:00 – ​​Stuart explains how Orchestra Health coordinates the pre-op care journey and addresses the unique challenges in surgical care.
  • 19:00 – The challenges and opportunities in building venture scale businesses in healthcare.
  • 24:34 – Owen highlights the challenges of building a company, and the important role investors can play 
  • 27:12 – The future of Orchestra and the evolving trends in the health tech space.

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