AWS Health Innovation Podcast

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

Amazon Web Services showcases startups that are advancing healthcare & life science by leveraging cloud computing technology.

#91, Transforming Clinical Trials, Part Three of the Health Innovation Compilation Series

Featuring Deep6 AI, Lokavant, and Science 37, this episode explores how these companies are leveraging AI, data analytics, and decentralized models to revolutionize clinical trial recruitment, operations, and patient accessibility.
June 19, 2024

#90, Innovations in Biomarker & Diagnostic Development, Part Two of the Health Innovation Compilation Series

Explore how Us2.AI, Truvian Health, and Sparta Science leverage AI, cloud, and novel biological insights to revolutionize diagnostics and biomarker discovery, enabling accessible and precise care pathways.
June 12, 2024

#89, Accelerating Drug R&D, Part One of the Health Innovation Compilation Series

Dive into the groundbreaking approaches of companies like VivoDyne, Seer, Ordaos, Insilico Medicine, and Alchemab, who are pushing boundaries in drug R&D through microfluidic bioengineering, proteome mapping, AI-driven drug design, and resilient antibody discovery.
June 5, 2024

#88, Reconciling Conflicting Data for Coherent Patient Journeys, with Karim Galil from Mendel

Mendel enables life sciences to index patient journeys at scale and learn from them at the speed of real-time dialogues. The journey started in 2017 from a two-person office in Silicon Valley with commitment to building novel technology and not to be another “Boy Who Cried Wolf” AI company. To do that, we have invested 4 years and millions of dollars in R&D before launching our first model in 2020. Today, Mendel is the most-funded clinical NLP startup with a team of 100+ members, blue chip investors, and some of the world’s leading life sciences companies as customers.
May 21, 2024

#87, Modeling Integrated Human Physiology with Microfluidics with Andrei Georgescu from Vivodyne

Vivodyne, a biotech firm employing bottom-up self-assembly principles to grow complex tissues that better mimic human physiology, enabling the study of systemic effects like immune responses and linking multiple tissue systems.
May 14, 2024

#86, Unleashing AI’s Power to Design Drugs with Medicinal Chemistry, Yann Gaston-Mathé from Iktos

Iktos is an innovative company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence solutions applied to chemical research and new drug design, enabling major productivity gains in upstream pharmaceutical R&D.
May 7, 2024

#85, Unlocking the Secrets of Cells with AI, Jonathan Baptista from DeepLife

DeepLife uses machine learning to curate and annotate single-cell RNA-seq datasets, enabling downstream bioinformatics analysis and target identification.
April 30, 2024

#84, Empowering Scientists with Voice-Assisted Workflows with Steve Soccorso-McCoy from LabVoice

LabVoice develops a hands-free voice assistant that provides a common human-lab interaction for scientists, enabling voice-assisted workflows and hands-free access to lab software and data.
April 16, 2024
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AWS Health Innovation Podcast

The AWS Health Innovation Podcast is the first and only Amazon/AWS podcast featuring healthcare and life science startups and investors. We showcase innovative teams and people, providing a view into how they operate and drive progress. Our goal is to tell the stories behind health innovators, not just talk about technology. The intended audience are health innovators, investors and employees from healthcare & life sciences startups.


Alex Merwin

Alex Merwin

Alex Merwin is an operations executive with over ten years of experience building and scaling high-performance teams at startups and global tech companies. He is passionate about helping healthcare innovators apply digital technologies to make their solutions more customer-centric, cost-efficient, and effective. He studied at the University of Colorado Boulder, earning a Bachelors in Marketing with an International Business Certificate. He also attended executive development courses at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. He works at Amazon Web Services as Head of Growth for their Healthcare & Life Sciences Startups business.

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