#88, Reconciling Conflicting Data for Coherent Patient Journeys, with Karim Galil from Mendel

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#88, Reconciling Conflicting Data for Coherent Patient Journeys, with Karim Galil from Mendel

Mendel enables life sciences to index patient journeys at scale and learn from them at the speed of real-time dialogues. The journey started in 2017 from a two-person office in…
May 21, 2024

#88, Reconciling Conflicting Data for Coherent Patient Journeys, with Karim Galil from Mendel

In this episode of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast, Yin He, Principal Business Development for Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups, interviews Karim Galil, Co-Founder and CEO of Mendel. Mendel harnesses the power of AI to structure unstructured patient data, building comprehensive patient journeys that reconcile conflicting data points and empower healthcare professionals with a more objective, data-driven approach to medicine.

  1. How does Mendel unlock the potential of medical data?
    • aims to structure unstructured clinical data and reconcile conflicting information to generate comprehensive patient journeys. This approach moves medicine towards more objective, data-driven practices while accounting for physician expertise.
  2. How does Mendel bridge the divide between technical and non-technical users?
    • Mendel caters to both technical (data analysts) and non-technical (clinicians) users by providing explainable AI systems that foster trust and adoption. Responsible marketing highlighting capabilities and limitations is crucial.
  3. What is Mendel’s approach to AI in healthcare?
    • Mendel combines deep learning with a knowledge graph representation, ensuring explainability and consistency in medical AI outputs. This paves the way for an “Iron Man and Jarvis” collaborative relationship between physicians and advanced AI systems.
  4. What entrepreneurial traits does Karim Galil emphasize?
    • Karim Galil draws inspiration from personal experiences as a physician, emphasizing resilience, passion for problem-solving, and a mindset of continuous improvement as key traits for aspiring entrepreneurs in the healthcare AI space.
  5. What is Mendel’s vision for indexing medical knowledge?
    • Mendel envisions a future where a company can index and make sense of all medical records, akin to libraries for books and Google for the internet, revolutionizing healthcare delivery through comprehensive data accessibility.

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