#254: The Power of Inner Strength and Self-Acceptance with Karen Seltz

The TRU Leader Podcast

#254: The Power of Inner Strength and Self-Acceptance with Karen Seltz

Karen Seltz’s journey is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of spirituality and self-discovery. Her story encourages listeners to confront their past,…
May 22, 2024

#254: The Power of Inner Strength and Self-Acceptance with Karen Seltz

Karen Seltz shares her transformative journey on The TRU Leader Podcast, from experiencing spiritual shame and personal challenges, including her child’s health issues and her own struggles with addiction, to finding solace in spirituality after a period of atheism. She emphasizes the significance of self-acceptance, inner strength, and the continuous evolution of one’s spiritual journey for personal and leadership growth.

Seltz discusses the importance of addressing unresolved trauma as a root cause of addiction, explaining how subconscious programming and emotions tied to past experiences can lead to maladaptive behaviors. She highlights how understanding the subconscious mind is crucial for setting effective goals and overcoming stress responses triggered by past traumas.

Through sharing her experiences and insights, including starting the “Irresistible You” show on the Win Win Women Network, Seltz offers advice on trauma release, meditation, and working with the subconscious mind to empower individuals, especially women, to trust themselves and pursue personal growth by gradually sharing their truths in safe spaces and addressing subconscious beliefs.

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