#253: TRU Series 3 – Leading and Living in Personal Alignment

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#253: TRU Series 3 – Leading and Living in Personal Alignment

For those inspired to embark on this journey of self-discovery and leadership transformation, the TRU Leader Mentorship Program stands as a beacon of guidance. It offers an opportunity to engage…
May 15, 2024

#253: TRU Series 3 – Leading and Living in Personal Alignment

In this podcast episode from the TRU leader Series hosted by Dr. Christopherson and Michelle Troseth, the discussion centers on the critical role of personal alignment in becoming a TRU Leader, especially during challenging times. The hosts aim to guide high achieving leaders towards breaking conventional norms that lead to suffering at work and home, providing new ways of thinking and strategies for thriving both professionally and personally. They emphasize the importance of resilience, empowerment, and living intentionally, linking leadership effectiveness and overall well-being to the quality of one’s personal alignment.

The narrative underscores that individuals aligned with their purpose tend to report higher levels of well-being, especially noted during the pandemic. Personal alignment involves staying connected with one’s inner self, values, and what truly matters, which is essential for leading a fulfilling life and being an effective leader. It is pointed out that growth and stepping out of comfort zones, when done in alignment with one’s true self, lead to increased confidence, energy, and a sense of ease.

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