Clarity Creates Effectiveness

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Clarity Creates Effectiveness

In this episode, part of the Healthcare Innovations series, presented by Edwards Lifesciences, host Dr. John Koster speaks with Warner L. Thomas about his recent move to leadership at Sutter…
May 25, 2023

Clarity Creates Effectiveness

Meet Warner Thomas

Warner L. Thomas is president and CEO of Sutter Health, a Northern California based not-for-profit integrated health system that cares for more than 3 million patients in one of the most diverse and innovative regions of the country. A grounded-yet-visionary leader, Thomas has demonstrated the capability to navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape at every level — from outstanding patient care to organizational strategy to public policy at both the state and national levels.


Key Insights:

Warner Thomas believes that communication and transparency are key to an organization’s success.


Can we prepare for everything? Warner Thomas worked in a leadership position during Hurricane Katrina and concluded: “there will always be things you don’t anticipate.” 

New Leadership. When starting a new leadership position, make an effort to communicate with every level. Talk to nurses, to clinicians, to support staff. 

Training is key. Mr. Thomas believes the workforce challenge facing healthcare can only be solved by creating a dependable talent pipeline.

This episode was made possible by our partnership with Edwards Lifesciences.


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