Is A.I. the Future of Healthcare?

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Is A.I. the Future of Healthcare?

In this episode, hear from three former guests of the Gary Bisbee Show as they address the question of Artificial Intelligence and its uses within healthcare. Guests include John Glaser,…
June 1, 2023

Is A.I. the Future of Healthcare?

Meet the Guests:

This episode features three leaders previously interviewed on The Gary Bisbee Show. John Glaser, Ph.D., is an Executive in Resident at Harvard Medical School and recently published “Advanced Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.” Kevin B. Mahoney is chief executive officer of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, a pillar of the Penn Medicine enterprise. Sean Lane is the CEO of Olive and CEO of Circulo Health. Previously, he was an Intelligence Officer for the National Security Agency. 

Key Insights:

Many of healthcare’s key leaders are making a deliberate effort to understand the uses of A.I.

No Gimmick. In the race to produce technology that “wows,” the market may be flood with flashy products that don’t produce better results. Leaders need to be discerning about A.I.

Who Buys A.I.? According to John Glaser, nobody buys A.I. – instead, people buy products that have been made more reliable and effective by their incorporation of the new technology. 

What is A.I. for? Ultimately, A.I. is useful to the extent that it frees up human capacity, so that healthcare can be more human than it ever has been. 

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