A Principled Organization

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A Principled Organization

In this episode, host Nathan Bays, Healthcare M&A, Citi, speaks with Dan Brillman, Co-founder and CEO, Unite Us. Dan discusses how he and his co-founder initially conceived of the company,…
May 18, 2023

A Principled Organization

Meet Dan Brillman

Dan Brillman is the Co-founder and CEO of Unite Us. Dan graduated from Yale University in 2006 and worked in finance and consulting before joining the Air Force Reserves as a combat pilot, where he still serves today. Dan Co-founded Unite Us in 2013.

Key Insights:

Dan Brillman Co-founded Unite Us in 2013, and has a decade of success to show for it. 


Create the Standard. In a chaotic field, innovators have to be the agents who bring order.

How to Overcome Fragmentation? Unite Us put years of work into understanding various sectors and systems in order to make access close to effortless for individuals. 

Blurring Boundaries. Dan says our understanding of “Health” is blurring, as we come to better understand social determinants – and this is progress. 


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