40 – Joel Friedlaender, Cliniko

Talking HealthTech

40 – Joel Friedlaender, Cliniko

March 30, 2020

40 – Joel Friedlaender, Cliniko

Joel Friedleander is the founder of Cliniko, which is practice management software used by more than 30,000 people in over 70 countries. 

Joel has a software development background, and started Cliniko with his wife who is an osteopath back in 2010.

As many organisations around the world grapple with the concepts of adapting to remote work due to social distancing, Cliniko has been doing it for over 10 years – with an entirely remote team spanned across the globe. 

This is no ordinary podcast episode, this was the first Talking HealthTech Livestream Webinar recorded to an audience who not only listened to what Joel had to say, but also engaged with polls, chat, and even a few came ‘on stage’ and spoke with Joel directly about some important topics.  

In this episode you will learn about the history of Cliniko, the company culture, and how they break some of the corporate norms you might see in other organisations.

Pete and Joel also delve into the challenges of social isolation due to COVID-19, and how Cliniko has adapted to the environment. Joel gives some useful tips for working from home, teleconsulting and other productivity hacks to be your best during these challenging times.

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