#14 Adam Tebbe, Goldfinch Bio & Bobby Mukherjee, Loka

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#14 Adam Tebbe, Goldfinch Bio & Bobby Mukherjee, Loka

April 4, 2022

#14 Adam Tebbe, Goldfinch Bio & Bobby Mukherjee, Loka

Joe Shonkwiler is joined by Adam Tebbe, VP of Computational Data Science and Technology at Goldfinch Bio, a company pioneering precision-based medicines to revolutionize the treatment of kidney diseases, and Bobby Mukherjee, CEO and founder of Loka, a Silicon Valley-based software consultancy working to move projects to market as fast as possible.

Goldfinch and Loka have been collaborating on an initiative to tackle structural variant analysis, looking at large genomic variations that could have major implications for Goldfinch’s mission of delivering disease-modifying precision medicines for patients suffering with kidney disease.

Adam and Bobby share their thoughts on when it makes sense to use and develop open source tools, what the impact of cutting edge data analysis is on developing new treatments, and how working with a partner can accelerate a project.

Learn more about Goldfinch Bio ( and Loka ( You can also learn more about healthcare and life science startups on AWS ( or

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