425 – How to master your nervous system at work

Talking HealthTech

425 – How to master your nervous system at work

March 28, 2024

425 – How to master your nervous system at work

In this episode of Talking Health Tech, Sophie Turner chats with Claire Wu, CEO of Breathe Into Peace. Claire shares her journey from being a therapist to founding Breathe Into Peace, and how her background in mental health has influenced her entrepreneurial pursuits. She discusses the intersection of mental health, entrepreneurship, and technology, offering insights into the polyvagal theory and its impact on the nervous system.

Claire talks about developing innovative products to help manage anxiety and shares her experiences in overcoming challenges in entrepreneurship. She provides valuable advice to healthcare professionals considering entrepreneurship and envisions the future of mental health space and Breathe Into Peace’s contribution to its evolution.

Key Takeaways

  • The polyvagal theory, focusing on the vagus nerve’s role in regulating a person’s internal state and responses to external cues, and its role in understanding emotional and physiological challenges such as anxiety and burnout.
  • A regulated nervous system is built upon the four pillars of body, mind, connection, and spirituality. To improve the nervous system, building awareness, regulating, healing damage, expanding capacity, and co-regulating with others is essential.

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